At MXT Design, design is our passion, not just our job. The thrill of creating visuals to help communicate an idea is what keeps us stoked. Our mission, in its truest form, is to provide professional and creative visual solutions for your print, web and multi-media communication needs.

We provide a full-service experience from concept to final printed, posted or projected piece. We can also work with you to enhance your current visuals or consult on new creative avenues, industry best practices or the latest trends in design and technology.

Our services are backed by more than 28 years of personal and corporate professional experience in multiple facets of the communication arts and over 27 years of experience in business finance, management and organization. They started in the days of key lining, before personal computers entered the scene. When a waxer, T-Square and X-Acto knife were high tech tools of the trade and when the addiction to business acronyms (ROI, CPG, ISO, SEC) was not quite so prevalent.

Today we create with the finest soft/hardware tools and technology available on the Macintosh and Windows platforms. We possess a professional level of skills and knowledge operating the applications and systems we use and strive to ride on the technological cutting edge.

We have broad creative capabilities and experience specializing in 2D/3D design for print, web and multi-media. You can view our services in greater detail on the following SERVICES page.

Let us help make your communications look their best and work for you!



Michael Allen Talbot is the founder of MXT Design.
He dreamt of owning his own design company for many years and it has now become a reality. He has mainly a corporate background, but has always done freelance under the moniker of MXT Design. He worked at Kimberly-Clark Corporation since 1986 where he held numerous design and communications positions. He started as a Production Artist in the late 1980s, climbing to Senior Graphic Designer in more recent years.

In 2009 he was blessed with the opportunity to realize
his dream. A chance to make MXT Design into a full-time effort and the company he dreamt of. Over a two-year span Kimberly-Clark went through a series of recession driven downsizing efforts. He was eventually swept up in one of these efforts and was set free. He recognized this as a golden opportunity to finally make MXT Design his focus!

He received a wealth of experience working as a Designer for a Fortune 500 Consumer Product/Health and Hygiene company. It was a privilege that not many designers get. The chance to work with and for so many intelligent, innovative and diverse people was priceless. Supporting such a multitude of clients provided endless opportunities and new experiences daily. It allowed him to work on many different types of projects and helped keep things fresh. Staying well trained and mastering his craft was a given and expected by management.

He held positions in various Communications groups including: Typographic Services, Communications Services, Regional Marketing Design, Customer Marketing Design, Corporate Identity, Corporate Design Services and Internal Communications. He supported clients from every group, sector and business unit in the ever-changing 150 plus worldwide locations. Neenah to Dallas and from Australia to Hong Kong – anywhere they did business or had customers. Good translation services were often key.

Clients ranged from entry-level staff to the CEO and his Senior Management deputies. He was also in charge of the global Corporate Identity program along with another designer. This was a great experience and provided a deep dive into corporate branding and identity as well as many aspects of Trademark and Copyright Law.

Before and during the years spent gathering experience in corporate America, he also did freelance design in his off hours. This work also provided the chance to design for a diverse group of global clients. He started freelancing on a small scale around age 14. Those early projects consisted of drawing/painting illustrations for fanzines, on skateboards and various textiles (t-shirts, hoodies and leather/jean jackets, etc.) as well as doing custom silkscreen design and printing.

Since age 16 he has held the position of drummer in five original bands (WitchHammer, System, Alien Harvest, Miner and Swoon). Band number six in the works. His connection to the music world, and his passion for music, provided many design opportunities in and around the music industry. Projects for bands, DJs, Record, A&R and Production companies became frequent. Clients of this ilk afforded much more creative freedom and were a good outlet to stretch his legs with more cutting edge design–styles that are typically not appropriate for use in conservative corporate communications.

Enough said, I think you get the idea. To sum up, it’s
easy to see that Michael’s life has always been about art, design & music–they are clearly his passion. Many things he sees or hears give him inspiration or somehow relate to his work. Just ask him what font a certain favorite ad uses or the number of Pantone color used in any logo, chances are he'd know and after hearing more than you wanted to know, you'd regret asking!

Resume or list of credentials available upon request.















Amy Talbot and the owner of MXT Design have quite
a bit in common besides being brother and sister.
They were both essentially “professionally raised” by corporate America. Amy worked for AAL, now Thrivent, for 13 years. She grew from an entry-level Input Clerk to a Senior Financial Analyst position. Like her brother, she considers herself extremely lucky to have been given those opportunities and to have been taught by some of the best. Amy feels the positions she held and the responsibilities she had enabled her to realize her lifetime career goal of using her professional and people skills in settings where she could really thrive.

Although she may not have her brother’s visual creative talents, she does have a creative side and recognizes the value of great presentation. She is a very detailed numbers person, but also loves working with graphics, fonts and design when the right opportunity presents itself. Keeping communications fresh, different, and alive is key.

She also enjoys writing. She was fortunate having the opportunity to pair writing with her love of animals when she was commissioned to pen several feature articles for PetBuzz magazine. That was a really great experience that she hopes to have more of in the future! So although she loves numbers and organization, her world is more than black and white.

Amy is also a Business Consultant at QuickStart, Inc. QuickStart is a consulting firm that specializes in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs prepare business plans to obtain financing they need to start, expand, or purchase a business. Working as a Business Consultant provides her the opportunity and privilege to help many different small business owners from various industries. And as fate would have it, she now has the pleasure to work with another blossoming small business owner, her brother.

Her role at MXT Design is to assist Michael with managing the business. That includes some sales, marketing and a multitude of those necessary internal tasks that would hinder his focus on the creative aspect of the business, such as proofreading, customer service and financial management. She is excited to be a part of MXT Design and will work to ensure you are not just satisfied, but literally thrilled with our services.

Contact Amy for information, questions or comments about MXT Design here